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the crimes of piano island.

i would like to send a super large "ROCK" to the blood brothers for their new album. it is excellent. next thursday i go see my sweet fallen angel alison in miami beach. until then, i spend whatever time i am not at school or the restuarant at the tattoo shop. because, amazingly enough, i got my apprenticeship for piercing. and then i leave the shop and go love ian until it hurts. by the way, the guy next to me is typing louder than anything i've ever heard. the keys will break at any moment. january is Brazil. but today...what is today? today is thursday. i will go to class, if i can find it, hang around for a bit, and then meet with my tv production group. i will eat dinner with ian and go watch the game at pheobop's house. i will play mario cart and go home. these are good things and i am fairly excited. crimes, crimes, crimes, crimes, crimes. so, i've been reading a lot about tattoos and it is a purely fascinating process. such beautiful artwork. i don't really understand the opposition towards them. it's not a conspiracy to make parents upset, nor is it meant to offend people. mostly, it is really just...art. you know, just personal art, except on the body, which i find intriguing. it has a whole heritage behind it. certainly, don't get a tattoo if you change your mind all the time. also, don't get one if you don't like it. please don't do it to be cool. i don't know if anybody does that. another thing, when you ask somebody about their tattoos, they will tell you stories behind each one of them. like sailors used to do when they came home from honolulu, because that's where "sailor jerry" was. anyway, this is enough for now.
eat swedish fish.
listen to the blood brothers.
watch the yankees game.
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