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love is not a victory march. it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah.

sitting in alison's dorm room with ashley in miami. ashley is her roommate, but she is busy playing sims. i hate sims. but i love jeff buckley. ms. alison is at work and tonight we're going to do the college thing and go out to a club. i am a bit frightened, however, i love to dance. except, i usually love dancing to 80's music. at least i'll get to dance. I think, right now, I will eat a cookie and watch "Brokedown Palace", because I love Claire Danes...you know, Angela Chase.
by the way, I think Rayanne Graf is one of the most interesting and colorful characters to ever exist. A.J. Langer played the part incredibly. thank you eileen, for the little bit of heaven that is My So-Called Life.
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