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i want to be a debaser.

Kim Deal is like my fucking hero. i didn't even know it until she sang "so long, so long" on "here comes your man" and i nearly burst with excitement. i will be the one wearing the Pixies shirt for the next three days, at the very least. finals week is kicking my ass. but it just snowed and the rotunda outside is lit up all pretty. also, i just noticed a Christmas tree over there ::pointing:: and i am done with my computer presentation. a small weight has been lifted.
four things:
1) I had to stop smoking due to medical concerns. I'm not sure how I feel about this. good, obviously, in the long run, but how i love a good drag...
2) I am on a mission to get Legs Up a show in the area so that Matt will love me more than he already does.
3) My band is fucking flipping out with excitement over the two new *almost-members* and so I have to go today and tomorrow to discern how I feel about this situation.
4) This is how on-the-verge of death my jeans are: I scratched my leg and my finger went right through my pants. Just right now, when I was typing number 1. Right through the pants.
That is the funniest commercial I have ever seen. The Brawny paper towels one where the guy is in like a log cabin and he's making food or something for his wife. Then he spills something and the voice-over goes "Right into the towel" and the guy gives the camera his sexy look. Anyway, I am trying very hard to be okay and so I'm pretty sure I will be.
oh yeah, watch "The Office". They are selling copies at Best Buy. Those funny English comedies...the BBC will get you every time.
i'll be in London in a month. i'll let them know they done good.
happy holidays
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