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it's all in your head

this semester will be crazy.
i kind of wish i could just focus on the band. just make music all day. go to work sometimes. make out with my boyfriend. chill out with my friends. i don't want to think so hard right now.
i kind of want that starving-artist-living-in-a-dump-with-some-friends-but-having-the-time-of-my-life type thing. i'll finish school and be alive this summer. really, really alive. then i'll repress for another year and when i come back out...it's gonna be great. i don't know if we'll go farther than derek's basement, but i don't even care. it's the whole thing that gets me, not just the distant hope of a hardly visible breakthrough. this is something i never thought could happen. and by "this" i mean everything.
london was lovely. really. i had a good time. but honest to God, i love being home. i've spent my whole life looking for the people i have now. i don't even want to be away from them. it was a good opportunity and i needed to be by myself. i can't depend on all of you, but i can love you with all my heart and be thankful everyday.
smoking a cigarette in new paltz never felt so good.
to night class...
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