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it's all in your head

this semester will be crazy.
i kind of wish i could just focus on the band. just make music all day. go to work sometimes. make out with my boyfriend. chill out with my friends. i don't want to think so hard right now.
i kind of want that starving-artist-living-in-a-dump-with-some-friends-but-having-the-time-of-my-life type thing. i'll finish school and be alive this summer. really, really alive. then i'll repress for another year and when i come back out...it's gonna be great. i don't know if we'll go farther than derek's basement, but i don't even care. it's the whole thing that gets me, not just the distant hope of a hardly visible breakthrough. this is something i never thought could happen. and by "this" i mean everything.
london was lovely. really. i had a good time. but honest to God, i love being home. i've spent my whole life looking for the people i have now. i don't even want to be away from them. it was a good opportunity and i needed to be by myself. i can't depend on all of you, but i can love you with all my heart and be thankful everyday.
smoking a cigarette in new paltz never felt so good.
to night class...
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i really love mates of state and that song is so awesome! it's in my head all day ..its funny cause they say "it's alllllll in your head" and it really is all in my head...always..all the time..i listen to it in the shower. Okay..i miss you tons! <3
and the part where she says something that i can't understand and then goes "we can bring it on and on" or whatever. good stuff. eileen is like the ultimate queen at mix tapes. i can't take this christmas one out of my cd player. and i finally got the books from the girls house. i wanted to take them to London with me, but i forgot. so i started reading the one ween gave me when i got back and it's awesome. can't wait to start on yours. also, you called heat looking for me the other day and then you called me but i missed your call. call me back one of theeeeeeeeese days. love you always.
-dana <3