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the love of Richard Nixon

there is no plausible way to get from hyde park, to chester, to new paltz without going insane, so i came to the library. but i will be in new paltz soon. now, i KNOW this cd of ours will not be for everyone, but if it happens to be for someone then we have done good. i haven't seen my amp in at least a month. i do have my tamborine though. :)
this is a bunch of nonsense but the point is that today is brian's 21st birthday and tomorrow is pheobe's 21st birthday and saturday is my 21st birthday and monday is ryan's 24th? birthday and feb. 3rd is christina's 21st birthday, so needless to say there will be some sort of bash. i will call you, all of you, and tell you when and where if space and time permits.
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