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the skills to pay the bills?

tattoo shop. the beautiful sound of buzzing needles. ink permeating skin. if only i had someone to pierce...so i read back a couple entries and i knew what was going on all along. this is exactly where i thought i would be. a new band, Rockland County, and an extra bonus prize, an apprenticeship in piercing. also, all the added problems that i knew were coming: no money, bills, disappointment from my parents, a "wasted" college education, insurance. a lack of insurance. yes, i know, this is bad. yes, i know it will get better. i am a starving artist. congratulations former self! how utterly frightening yet rewarding. we'll see how things go when the band records. it IS a very lovely noise that we have created and besides the fact that i am very jealous about the "pilot" lip tattoos, i am at a good place. now, i pray for everything to be alright. every day, i pray. and every night, fireworks.
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